Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting Ready. Or Not.

Too Late to Be Ready from amy williams on Vimeo.

Things have been crazy hectic around here trying to finish school, get packed, party plan and execute, yearbook finalize and other random things I get myself involved in. For now I just have a vlog for everyone, but hopefully soon I will find some time to catch you up to speed and introduce my next phase in life!

Also, here are some links to the photo albums of our awesome:
Coming to America party and Bobo Bachelorette.

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Michelle Loves Danger said...

AMY!!!! i'm excited you're coming back! you need to fill us all in on your experiences in venice and slovania and your fab road trip ;)
i miss your face, woman! you have to stay at my place when you're in cali. love ya, sista!